Cedar Rapids Paranormal Society

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Annette Strube, Founder


Due to personal experiences of my own, I have been intrigued by the paranormal since childhood.  Over the years, I have become increasingly frustrated with TV shows and other investigative groups that improperly use equipment or claim that every bump in the night is a demon.  I am also HIGHLY skeptical of investigators that charge for services.  I guess the best way to describe me would be a skeptical believer.

Jason Jobe, Co-Founder


I have worked in paranormal research and investigation for eight years; however personal experiences date back years earlier.  Our field is one that I have devoted much time to over the years.  Even as we realize it's an ever-evolving field and we are always learning, my personal goal is to use the knowledge I've gained over the years to help our clients whenever and however possible.

Other members' descriptions will be updated shortly.

Jon Vance, Lead Investigator

Kara Granados, Investigator


Hi I'm Kara! I decided to start investigating due to many reasons. I have had many unexplained experiences since I was too young to remember. I am also sensitive just don't know too much about using it yet. My goal is to help others resolve and or come to terms with any spiritual experiences they are having while learning how to use my clairvoyance, which I've been trying to ignore and hide since I was five.

Blake Mikesell, Investigator

Rae Diers, Investigator


I have always been really interested in the paranormal. I have had a few experiences when I was younger.   I am really open to investigating things that can be explained  and not explained.

CRPS is currently accepting new members. Please note that we are a scientifically-based research organization. Professionalism and scientific curiousity is a must!

We offer a variety of positions within the group. If field work is not your cup of tea, there are other options. Team member roles include:

  • Field researchers
  • IT crew members
  • Historical researchers
  • Case managers
  • Evidence review specialists